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Lisa’s Journey

Lisa’s Journey, Week 50: The ‘Golden Week’

I have found this week pretty enjoyable. I walked plenty and enjoyed it. Glenorchy is a small wee place, but it is cool because everything is within walking distance. The weather has been somewhat settled for the most part. This…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 49: Do What Makes You Happy!

Okay, so this week regarding specific training, my ‘Training Peaks wheel’ looks like a giant stop sign!! Or for those of you with a sweet tooth, a giant red lollipop. You don’t want red lollipops however, you want green ones.

Lisa’s Journey, Week 48: Tuning Into Nature

The kids, dog and I decided to take an ANZAC day bush walk. It was such a beautiful day and I enjoyed walking the track I normally bike, because I got to see so much more! When I’m biking I…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 47: Happy Easter!!

This last week I’ve felt a decline in my dedication to the cause, that being my biking. It’s times like this, I wish I was a bear so I had a legit reason to eat lots, gain weight and sleep…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 46: Holiday Time!

Wooohoo, last day of Term One! I love that feeling. I actually delete the alarm off my phone – not sure why, as you can obviously just turn it off. I think I just like to make a statement to…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 45: Caught Out…!

It’s been a bit of a lax week this week with my training and one thing and another. My luck with the weather is normally good. I seem to get my workout in before the rain comes or it stops…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 44: 2019 Forrest Graperide #15

So as I sit here, sweat crustifying on my face, my butt muscles tightening, devouring the most delicious steak, slaw, ciabatta roll from Viva La Vaga, sipping my CPR coffee, post ride, I thought I’d better quickly jot something down for my blog. The Forrest Grape🍇Ride 2019, one of Marlborough’s biggest and longest running bike events – now having been I don’t doubt that!

Lisa’s Journey, Week 43: Don’t Forget To Mix It Up A Little!

I loved reading Ali’s blog (Ali’s Adventure – The Female Athlete). It was timely, as I actually sat here thinking about chocolate and how I could possibly devour the packet of baking nibs in the baking cupboard. I’m a week…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 42: The Big Picture/s = (Less Writing)

I’m using my first blog’s cover image, as it seemed fitting again. It’s bitter sweet. On one hand, huge congratulations to the Kaikoura Coastal Sports Team who won GodZone for the Prime section. Outstanding effort guys! It was fun to…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 41: Is The Grass Greener On The Other Side…?

I promised myself I’d have a better week this week. I’d really get stuck in and make my ‘Training Peaks (TP) pie graph nice and green. Turn of events is seeming like this may not happen. I try not to let it get to me, but it is super frustrating, especially when you know you have an event coming up, but sometimes that’s just life.

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