Ali’s Adventure – Kaiteri to Mapua (K2M) Racing On Gravel

It’s been a wee while since I was given a training programme, being in a ‘racing stable’ under the guidance of a coach was BK (before kids). Having previously been a well oiled training machine, I’m now 40+ and two kids down the line. Here lies the juggle of life, work, kids, partner and a 45 minute commute every day (coffee helps!).

October last year ended with an awesome adventure race in the North Island, oh, and a torn meniscus.  So summer has been spent doing any form of exercise in a straight line, no twisting of the knee allowed, clocking up kilometres on the roadie and laps of the school pool dodging the kids bombing off the side around me. I have an MRI next week and hopefully some keyhole surgery to shave off the dodgy bit of meniscus and send me merrily on my way.  But I needed some light at the end of the tunnel – a race to focus on and keep me motivated whilst injured.

K2M is a new race from Kaiteriteri to Mapua here at the top of the South.  You can trail run, walk or cycle, with marathon, marathon relay, half marathon and 10km options. I’m signed up for the trail marathon on my trusty XC rig.  Here is where Ray is going to help me with my training programme so that I can give it a good nudge! Having a programme will keep me focused on the end goal, and with Ray’s experience he can hopefully get the best out of this old dog yet!

I’m really excited to see how this coach-athlete thing works again and hopefully I’m not going to be a thorn in Ray’s side.  Goodness, I hope he knows what he’s taken on – challenge accepted! Bring on the gravel.

– Ali

Ali is writing about her experience preparing for the K2M join her with her weekly article about her training and experience.

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