Ali’s Adventure – Where there’s a will there’s a way

When you’re living in a region that has a declared state of emergency, it becomes a little tricky to find places to train, but where there’s a will, there is a way!

Most public spaces have been closed down due to the high fire risk and all the favourite trails to run and ride are shut. Fair enough as it’s as dry as anything here in Nelson. Saturday was hot and really windy, but without kids in tow I knew it was my opportunity to get out and train. A flat dusty ride from Richmond to Rabbit Island return was on the cards. A rather unused Spcialized S-Works Epic was calling and so I braved the 50km/hr head wind and rode. My leg strength is returning since being given the all clear via the knee surgeon (daily exercises to activate my left VMO [Vastus Medialis Oblique] are essential), and I could tell on the ride. I felt great even though it was solo and headwinds seemingly in every direction.  My average power was up from a previous similar ride so I seem to be tracking in the right direction.

Sunday morning, bright and early – time for a long ride. I had a friend join me so there was lots of banter and keeping myself in Zone 2! Sunday coffee rides are simply the best. However the ride was a little short so I made up for it with an afternoon adventure to Saint Arnaud which has some grade 4 trails actually open. With Beech cornflakes under my wheels I was definitely in my happy place. There’s rather a hard climb to the start of the down and my knee played ball.  With plenty of electrolytes on board we survived the heat and spent a good 15 minutes recovery in the nearest river to remove all the lactate build up – perfect weekend riding!

Flying Moa – awesome rooty trail in Saint Arnauds Tee-Total MTB Park

– Ali

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