Ali’s Adventure – Endurance on LCHF

 When I was down in Wanaka in January, I picked up a nasty stomach bug. About a week of stomach cramps and not being able to eat anything more exciting than melon and scrambled eggs. Since then I have really struggled to eat anything that resembles carbohydrates, and this is a problem as I am a Vogels and Pics Peanut butter girl as pre-training fuel.

Having a nerdy post-graduate degree in sports science means I like to geek out on the latest trends and new innovations, and I have been following an Otago Graduate friend who talks highly of the low carb, high fat diet (LCHF). Specifically around endurance training, is it actually possible? Given my recent gut/diet predicament, I’ve been giving it a go! I’m not far enough into my self-experiment yet, but I have been finding some good progress and am not feeling as fatigued as I thought I might be. Power on the bike seems to be staying pretty consistent, but I think running will tell some tales when I can’t load up on my Vogels staple diet. The subsequent 3kg drop in weight seems to be a sign that I am burning more fat during training than previous and my body fat percentage in down to 20.3%

Hopefully this all translates into “lean mean racing machine” come May 25th at

Oh and we had rain in Nelson, I’ve never been happier to head out on the roadie in the wet for so long!


Vegan low carb carrot cake with coconut yogurt, not as bad as it sounds!

– Ali

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