Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: birthday celebrations!

The week started out relatively ok, sickness has hit the family and we have all dropped like flys this and varying times!

Besides that I managed to put in some ok sessions when feeling ok. Training during the week isn’t too taxing and the sessions are relatively short with some intensity building at the moment.

My eldest son was 7 on Saturday and for his birthday we went to ninja warrior uk. I was looking forward to this and thought how hard can it be! Well in short, bloody hard! 60 mins at full throttle round an assault course I was ruined. Sweating buckets and feeling muscles being used i certainly don’t use in triathlon! The activities are hard and then if you fail or fall off, trying to get out of the pit of foam is like trying to get out of quick sand, absolutely brutal, but great training!

Saturday was the birthday and I had all the plans to get up early and do the run before Ryan got up to open his presents, however I felt awful, coughing all night, DOMS, I was shattered. Not helped by the kids getting up stupidly early to open presents and see what Ryan got for his birthday. All in all the weekend flew by and yet again the training was non existent!

I’m pretty annoyed with myself but also happy that Ryan had a good birthday and in awe that he has been just as ill as me, run round like a loon at ninja warrior. Then got up, no questions asked, run round like a loon again then played for two different teams at football and played for his club Saturday and Sunday. While I quiver in a corner all weekend aching, now does that mean I’m getting old? Or does that mean I need to put more effort in? I’m taking the second, so let’s go into next week fighting!

– Mike Catton

Mike is training for some triathlons and half Ironman in 2019. Check in next Monday for his next article about his training journey.

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