Lisa’s Journey, Week 55: A Pea Soup Kinda Day.

Hello week 55!!! Nice of you to show up so soon, as I knew you would!!! I’m glad I got off my chuff and biked this morning because that guilty feeling instantly disappeared and was replaced with a few endorphins which set me in housework mode.

This week the our eldest turned eleven and I was introduced to the world of Harry Potter… I’ve never watched or read anything about H P. But Miss Eleven started reading them because her friends had or were, and being an avid reader herself… has demolished the first three books in a matter of weeks…

I get daily book reports and with all the fictional names I find it hard to remember who’s, who. So… I cheated. I brought her the full set of DVD’s for her birthday, (lets face it I was never going to get round to ever reading them anyway). We’re two in, and I’m slowly piecing together, who’s who. I am somewhat curious now to see how the rest play out.


Finally! I got on my spin bike! The urge to was not overly huge, as the ‘to do’ list was bigger than my ‘not to’… but then that’s how I landed myself back in this predicament. So told myself to get over it, swapped my nice warm clothes, for singlet and tights and jumped on. Got a sweat up, as the fires going, but was nice to be able to just pull the door open in front of me and watch the rain, rather than having to go out and get drenched in it.

#thickaspeasoup #nomountainstobeseentoday

I even rolled my leg muscles afterwards and classed it as a win! I really didn’t feel like it, but got it done, and yes again, you guessed it – I feel better for it. And when you read fellow bloggers pages, thats all you can do, is keep on.

I enjoyed UltraHumps recent blog, Hitting The Doldrums. Not because he felt like that, but because of how real it is. Whether you’re a hardcore athlete or a corehard like myself, whatever you’re facing is relevant to you personally at that time.

Humps, I am happy you’re back up atop the saddle! I mean it’s okay to side saddle for a bit right, and do a few tricks… Its when you feel the girths come loose and you’re slipping… the fear of ending up under or falling off completely. Its just not cool. We could probably have whole other blog “Ray to the Rescue”, as hes good at that…

Anyway, ‘Square One’… this still scares enough shit out of me to keep plugging along. And I think thats the good thing about a coach, reading others blogs etc, it keeps it real. No matter who you are, where you’re from, the level of fitness you’re at, we all have that one common denominator. – We’re all human. We are not invincible and shit happens.

And if you are at ‘square one’ reading this. You have nothing to loose. Take that walk, breathe deeply, and go from there…

Lisa x

In 2018 Lisa took up the challenge of getting fit to do the 10km Kaikoura Whale Run. That ticked off, she has agreed to continue writing with the hope that she can inspire even the most stubborn (such as herself) to get out there, set challenges and make positive change in their life. No one said it will be easy, (and its not), but it will be worth it!!

Check in next Tuesday for her next article.

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