UltraHumps: Training On The Speedway Race Track

Hi Blog Followers and welcome to yet another blog of what crazy ventures UltraHumps is up to. This time I found a Speedway track in this heat trap which cyclists are allowed to use on a Wednesday night, designed for death defying speeds for race cars and motorbikes, but I got to spin the pedals and wheels on the track (see feature photo).

The seal on the track as you can imagine is super smooth, it has to be for the speeds the cars and motorbikes race around it, although there was a few gouges where obviously they didn’t have a good day. So the boss and I piled into the wagon and headed into town with another keen cyclist from another contingent. At first our navigation aid put us in the right place, but the wrong place for entry, after a bit of negotiation with a person who spoke little English we eventually worked out where he was telling us to go. We found the entrance and hopped on our bikes.

Flat as…
Night is Upon Us…

2.5 Kilometres of pure bliss per lap, smooth as a baby’s bottom and only one slight rise at the southern end of the race track. I had been training hard finishing off my Jacobs Ladder Challenge so my legs were sore, so I thought about taking it easy…thought about it.

The boss and yours truly…
A mate from the UK and yours truly…

Due to other commitments and with a bit of hindrance for our start, we only managed 25 Kilometres or 10 laps, but we will definitely return. I spotted runners also using the side of the track for running, now that has the mind thinking. My boss and another mate from another contingent couldn’t wait to get their photo’s taken for their social media pages, so of course I had to oblige and make sure I got in on the action.

Whilst it was only 10 laps or 25 kilometres, we were dripping in sweat, such is the humidity and temperature even at that time of night. Stay tuned team as my journey continues towards completing the 3 Challenges I have on the go. Having already finished the 194,914 ft Jacobs Ladder Challenge, I am nearing 100 Km’s to go on the 1000 Km Run/Walk Challenge. The ’12 Week Body For Life Challenge’ and ‘Cover the Distance from here to New Zealand Challenge’ are also going okay.

Regards John Humphries (Aka Humps, Aka UltraHumps).

Humps will be writing weekly as he continues his journey raising funds for Charitable causes.

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