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Tuesday Training Plan – 5 Weeks to a Faster 5k Training Plan (ADVANCED 5week Plan -Start Any Monday) sub 18min 5k

5 weeks of training is all you need to do to smash your current 5km time significantly. On the average following, in this programme runners improve by 2 minutes and 51 seconds (7.5%). Some people have improved by more than 5 minutes following this programme!!!

Fartlek Session

Designed for Runners of ALL abilities who are wanting to run a 5km qwiker, the primary goal of this training plan is to make you FASTER. Chose the programme based on your ability. This programme is the Blue programme for runners that take between 18 & 22 minutes to run 5km.

  • Black sub 18min runners
  • Blue 18-22min runners
  • Green 22-26min runners
  • Red 26-30min runners
  • Yellow 30min+ runners

*If you run the 5km Time Trial on day one and run faster (or slower) that puts you into a different group, touch base with me and we can arrange for you to get the correct programme at no extra cost.

Crafted by myself, Ray Boardman PGDipSportsMed, PGDipRehab, PGCertSc (Exercise Science), BSc (Anatomy), and DipSportsStudies this plan encapsulates my passion for the sport, my experience from competing and coaching in many running events over the last 28 years. Lasting 5 weeks long this programme can start anytime. Each week includes 4 runs and a stretching session. Although not necessary, I recommend using a heart rate monitor in conjunction with a GPS watch (such as a Garmin).

Prior to using this plan, you should be able to run 5km non-stop and for up to 60 minutes in longer sessions.

Purchase of this plan gives you access to my fortnightly coaching calls where you can ask me any training or racing-related questions.

Further details can be found here:

Questions? Please visit us on the web at or email me directly at: Training for another race distance? I also have training plans for other Running Races (from 5k to marathon), too.

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