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Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Lee Like’s Bikes Suffer Session

Part of riding a bike in race situations means that you have to suffer. Now it isn’t usually recommended that you train multiple intensities…especially simultaneously, because physiologically it’s not successful but what this session lacks in physiological efficiency it makes up for with mental resilience!!

Each Wednesday I’ll post a Windtrainer Workout that you can do in about 60 minutes to enhance your cycling. See a previous post about training intensity (Levels) to know how hard to work. If you are working directly with Coach Ray he will in most cases prescribe either a Power Zone or Heart Rate Zone to work within if you are training with these tools.

The inspiration for this workout comes from a discussion on the Ask A Cycling Coach / Trainer Road Podcast that was raised by Lee Likes Bikes.

Jump to 44:22 into the podcast:

Lee Likes Bikes Suffer Session

  • 10min Warm Up Level II;
  • 3x 1min Level IV, 30sec Level II RI;
  • 3x 3min Level V Suffer (see below), 6min Level II RI;
    • 5sec >150% FTP,
    • 25sec >135% FTP,
    • 30sec >125% FTP,
    • 2min >115% FTP,
  • 10min Cool Down Level II;
  • 10min Stretching

Start the workout with a Warm Up (WU) of ten minutes of easy riding at Level II. To elevate your Heart Rate (HR) and prepare your body for the intervals that will come, you will ride at Level IV for one minute, then take a 30-second Rest Interval (RI) at Level II, completing three reps before moving into the main body.

The main body of this workout is made up of three, to three-minute reps all done at Level V. These reps start at the highest levels of Level V, and as the rep continues you maintain as high an intensity as possible without dropping out of Level V for the three minutes. It is only three minutes after all!!!!

This three-minute rep is made up of the first five seconds at greater than 150% of FTP, then for the next 25 seconds keeping your power above 135% of FTP to the 30-second mark, then through to the one-minute mark (i.e. the next 30 seconds) maintaining your power higher than 125% of FTP. Yep, you will be suffering at this point, but you’ve still got two minutes left (through to the three-minute mark) and you need to ride over 115% of your FTP!!! Warning this won’t be easy to maintain.

After each rep take a six-minute Rest Interval (RI) riding at Level II.

Finish the ride with ten minutes of riding at Level II for your Cool Down (CD).

To assist with your recovery, do ten minutes of stretching.

With COVID-19 affecting things, if you are keen to join me in doing this session online. I will be doing a Facebook live session later this week on the Qwik kiwi / Coach Ray Facebook page at:

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  • Western Australia 5 am Friday 27-March-2020,
  • Eastern Australia 8 am Friday 27-March-2020, or
  • NZ time 10 am Friday 27-March-2020.

There is no cost to join in =- it’s totally FREE

If you would like further advice feel free to contact me.

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