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Saturday Swim Session: Hansen & Hansen’s Distance Free 4

Endurance is a critical component of fitness for triathletes and long distance open water swimmers. The reps within this session involve a range of paces to develop the skill and mindset to finish an open water swim or swim leg of a triathlon with stamina. There are some progressive paces used to build your fitness. This is a great session for triathletes and open water swimmers to do to build their sustained speed.

Each Saturday I will post a Swim Session, most weeks I will load three options up for you to do. Option A is for swimmers who are after a workout between 1,000 & 2,000 metres. Option B is for swimmers who are after a workout between 2,000 & 3,000m and Option C will be greater than 3,000m. This weeks sessions are a little longer than normal…..challenge yourself and enjoy.

The inspiration for today’s workout comes from Workouts In A Binder – For Swimmers, Triathletes and Coaches written by Nick and Eric Hansen.

Option A

  • 300m WU;
  • 150m Kick;
  • 150m Pull;
  • 150m Choice;
  • 2x 150m 10RI;
  • 2x 200m -ve split 30RI;
  • 150m 15RI;
  • 300m -ve split 2min RI;
  • 4x 150m Pull 20RI;
  • 200m CD (2,700m)

Option B

  • 300m WU;
  • 200m Kick;
  • 200m Pull;
  • 200m Choice;
  • 3x 150m 10RI;
  • 2x 300m -ve split 30RI;
  • 200m 15RI;
  • 400m -ve split 2min RI;
  • 4x 200m Pull 20RI;
  • 300m CD (3,650m)

Option C

  • 300m WU;
  • 200m Kick;
  • 200m Pull;
  • 200m Choice;
  • 4x 150m 10RI;
  • 2x 300m -ve split 30RI;
  • 2x 200m 15RI;
  • 400m -ve split 2min RI;
  • 4x 250m Pull 20RI;
  • 300m CD (4,200m)

Start the workout with a Warm Up (WU) by swimming 300m. Followed by 150m (Option A) or 200m (Options B & C) kicking (feel free to use fins and avoid using a kick-board as demonstrated in the video below.

Next up is 150m (Option A) or 200m (Options B & C) utilising a Pull Buoy. Finish the Warm Up (WU) with a final 150m (Option A) or 200m (Options B & C) of a stroke of your choice (avoid freestyle).

The first main set is made up of two (Option A), three (Option B) or four (Option C) reps of 150m. Take a ten second Rest Interval (RI) after each rep.

The next set is made up of two 200m (Option A) or 300m (Options B & C) reps. Swim these as a negative split, where the second half is faster than the first half of each rep). Take a 30 second Rest Interval (RI) between reps.

Next up is a single (Option A & B) rep of 150m (Option A) or 200m (Option B) with a fifteen second Rest Interval (RI) after the rep. Option C has two reps of 200m, also with the 15 second Rest Interval (RI) after each rep.

Next up is another negative split rep where Option A swims 300m and Options B & C swim 400m. Take a two minute Rest Interval (RI) after this rep.

The final set prior to the Cool Down (CD) involves four reps of 150m (Option A), 200m (Option B) or 250m (Option C). Take a 20 second Rest Interval (RI) after each rep.

For the Cool Down (CD) swim 200m (Option A) or 300m (Options B & C). Unlike the previous sets which have to be freestyle, the cool down (like the warm up) can be any stroke you wish to swim.  You can also stop and rest after any length.  I encourage you to stop and stretch during the cool down.

If you would like further advice feel free to contact me.

I am the Head Coach & Director of Qwik Kiwi Coaching.

I specialise in assisting first timers and recreational athletes to achieve their sporting goals. I can be contacted at coachray@coachray.nz and 021 348 729.

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Nick Hanson is a former US national team swimming coach University of Wisconsin head coach and University of Arizona assistant coach. Currently, he coaches master swimmers in Loveland, Colorado.

Eric Hanson has national and international experience as an athlete in a coach of the US national team. He served as assistant coach of the 2003 Pan-American games US team and head coach of the 2002 short course world championships. Now as the head coach at the University of Wisconsin, he oversees both men’s and women’s swim programs.

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