Jess Bray

Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 16] – Other Sports

This week my school winter sports started, this year I am playing hockey and football. Both of these require high intensity sprints over a short distance and use different muscles and movements that my body is used to doing, because of this after both of these games my muscles all over my body ached in places I don’t usually feel.

Over the weeks this should ease and cause less muscle aches but with stretching and easier trainings it has helped them to stretch out and improve the way I am feeling. Doing different sports and movements should help me improve overall as I am working everything, and it’s something different making it very enjoyable.

I have had to rearrange the way my week triathlon training is planned out to try help with the recovery and rest from my added games and this should help me be able to carry out all trainings at a high level of effort and accuracy in working levels. 

– Jessica Bray

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