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Saturday Swim Sessions

Saturday Swim Session: Threshold Endurance Booster

This session will develop your threshold endurance then boost your speed with some sprints to finish with. The longer reps within this session develop your threshold endurance and finishing with the sprints which will build your top end speed.

Saturday Swim Session: 100’s

This session will develop your sustained or threshold speed with a set of repeated 100’s. The short rests used in this session will give you time to recover but not fully, hence how your threshold speed gets developed.

Saturday Swim Session: Individual Medley Set to Improve Your Triathlon

Individual Medley (IM) sets are often ignored and/or under utilised by triathletes, but they provide some truly great benefits to both recreational and competitive triathletes. They develop your ‘feel for the water‘  and enhance your ability to catch hold of…

Saturday Swim Session: 50’s and more 50’s

These sessions will develop your aerobic swimming endurance by completing a large number of short reps with minimal rest. This will assist with building a base that will make you fitter and more efficient.

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