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Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 7]: Swimming Sports

This week was a little different to my usual as I had my school swimming sports. This is my first swimming sports where swimming wasn’t my main sport and focus.

During my time at college I have broken records in some of my races, going into this year I didn’t have that kind of idea if I could get one due to me now doing 1/3 of the amount of swimming I used to do, now also incorporating running and biking trainings. As the day went on, I was outshining my expectations and doing strong and consistent swims.

In my 100m breaststroke, I knew I would have the best chance of breaking the record out of any of my swims but still went in without huge expectations. I swam it strong and didn’t know if I had done enough, when I heard the time I knew it was within the second, but when I heard I was only 18 milliseconds off it I did feel a wave of disappointment.

But afterwards I reflected and saw how much my cross trainings has not only improved my fitness over a wide range of activities but it has also maintained and strengthened my swimming. Other than my school swimming sports my week was pretty relaxed. But after this I am definitely happy with my decision and progress I have made towards my sporting goals. 

– Jessica

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