Waikato Athletics Champs

Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 11] – Waikato Champs & School Triathlon

This week I had 2 events on, one was Waikato athletics where I completed in the 3,000m event and the other was my school triathlon. At Waikato athletics I had a early race so the weather was good while I ran, I went into this race knowing there was some strong competition who train in this type of event and distance.

I started fast maybe a bit too fast as my technique was pretty tight and stiff but I was just staying with my pack, after about 2 laps I had eased up and found a comfortable strong pace that kept me consistently picking people off. I finished in a time of 11:38 which was a 21 second PB from my previous PB the week before so I was pretty happy with that.

Jessica (2nd from right)

My placing was exactly what I expected 6th but I was still happy with that as well. As the week went on my school triathlon crept up on the Friday. I have been training for this in school for my PE class as I had to do it for credits and depending on my time depended on my credit level. The training I didn’t at school was mainly to help the other student who aren’t very fit and into cardio so most the time I just completed my scheduled workout or a extra light training.

This race was also off road so I had to use a mountain bike with regular shoes. The swim was very short 233m but for most people that’s too much so I couldn’t complain, my time was strong as I knew it would be a good area to save some time In the transition as I knew I had to put clothes on top as I wasn’t in a trisuit, once I started biking I could already feel he difference in the bike and the surface I was on.

My pace wasn’t too slow but definitely way under my usual road bike race speed. But I finished strong and quickly moved to the run where I was strong but could feel the slight fatigue of the trail bike and heat. But my time was enough to get me excellence and that’s all I was aiming for. Which also got me the win at my school. 

– Jessica Bray

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