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Periodisation of a Season

There are a number of methods to periodise a training build up for an event. Some of the more prominent coaches and academics in this area include Tudor Bompa, Joe Friel & Jon Ackland. They have all written numerous books…

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Ultra Humps – The Big Hairy Arse Goal (BHAG)

Previous articles have advised why I chose Ray Boardman as the Coach I wanted.  A Coach to help me achieve my dreams and achieve my personal tests physically, which would also test my mental fortitude to the extreme.  So briefly for the newcomers to…

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What are the Consequences of Missing a Workout?

What are the consequences of missing a workout? Although this isn’t a common question the implications of the answer affect anyone following a training plan. A training plan is only as good as the adherence to this plan. As a…

12 Weeks to an Iron-Distance Swim PB: Week 3

Over the coming 12 weeks I will post a a series of workouts building your swim fitness as you prepare for either Challenge Wanaka (18 Feb) or Ironman NZ (04 Mar). I have been a professional triathlon coach since 2000 and am a multiple Iron-distance finisher including…

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Qwik Kiwi & Ray Boardman Get Results – Ironman 2015

Firstly, Ray Boardman hasn’t asked me for an article on how my first Ironman went under his guidance as a Client / Coach.  However, I wanted to write an article to acknowledge the results he gets, most likely results not…

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From Timor to Tauranga

I was posted to Timor-Leste with the NZ Army and had completed three Ironman events where I completely self-coached with no idea what I was doing and finishing results that said as much.  Two of these events I had trained…

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