Coach Ray’s Sufferings: A Week of Disruption

Follow me on my Half Ironman training and #100DaysOfTri journey’s concurrently. Here is how my week unfolded.

As I work towards the Wellington Half Ironman in January, consistency is going to be the key in my training. This week saw me relocate from Christchurch to Blenheim for work, but to confuse things even more I live in Nelson. Instead of the weekly commute, I now have the option of coming home most nights of the week. With this new routine (that I haven’t yet developed) I’m going to commence publishing this post each Monday evening rather than Sunday evening. Great plan…….Nek Minute…..7.5 Earthquake hits at 12:02am Monday morning!!!! So it’s a little late this week.

Anyway, I had a disrupted week for a number of reasons (all prior to the quake), so my focus was on making sure I found 30 minutes each day to complete some training, whether it was on my programme or not. This is what resulted.


#100DaysOfTri Day 10

After a busy day, I found a little bit of time to myself and got to the pool for a swim. Completing a technique session:

  • 400yds Warm Up;
  • 10x 67yds (33yds Drill/33yds Swim);
  • 200yds Easy swim focusing on Tech;
  • 8x 67yds (33yds Drill/33yds Swim);
  • 200yds Easy swim focusing on Tech;
  • 10x 67yds (33yds Drill/33yds Swim);
  • 200yds Easy swim focusing on Tech;
  • 200yds Cool Down;

This is usually a workout I don’t enjoy, but found it relaxing today.



#100DaysOfTri Day 11

#100DaysOfTri Day 11 #coachray #qwikkiwi #tritrainingnz #tricoachnz #tritraining #tricoach #seeyououtthere

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Not a long session by distance but conducted in the very middle of the Southern Alps, starting from the top of Lewis Pass and running along the St James Trail. As this track was reasonably rough and close to the earthquake epicentre, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is totally different now and the suspension bridge has been damaged.

Here is a Strava link to the session.


#100DaysOfTri Day 12

This is easily the best session of the week, although the weather was a mixed bag this day.  It was beautiful sunshine in the morning, as I worked from home. When I popped out for a lunch time run it was very overcast (I should have still worried about sunscreen), and then it rained within minutes of getting back. This was the workout that formed the basis of this weeks post about the Long Run.

Most definitely this session put me into my happy place 🙂

Here is a Strava link to the session.


#100DaysOfTri Day 13

Although I didn’t work this day, I found myself completing a number of jobs around home, and ran out of time during the day. I found I had 30 minutes before my partner was due home, so jumped on the windtrainer.

Here is a Strava link to the session.


#100DaysOfTri Day 14

Another day of completing jobs and then popping over the hill to pick up my daughter from school. Ran out of time to get some training done. I had every intention of doing a good workout at Pelorus Bridge on the journey over to pick her up, but once again poor time management delayed me. As I hadn’t done any yoga or stretching since re-commencing the #100DaysOfTri, I felt it was appropriate to do so today, so I spent 30 minutes stretching once my daughter was in bed.

 Here is a Strava link to the session.


#100DaysOfTri Day 15

#100DaysOfTri Day 15 #coachray #qwikkiwi #5WeeksToAFaster5km #tritrainingnz #tricoaching #tricoach #tricoachnz

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With a storm blowing and spending a day with my partner and our blended family, I snuck out for a run once my daughter was in bed and the storm had diminished. I used this as a chance to get out and do a reconnaissance of where I will be conducting the 5 Weeks to a FASTER 5km Squad run’s in Nelson. If you are interested in these sessions click here. With it being a massive high tide (super moon on Monday) part of my run route along the sea was underwater, however I won’t be using that part for the squad sessions.

Here is a Strava link to the session.



#100DaysOfTri Day 16

Another busy day with the family and then a trip over the hill to drop my daughter off. With only a small window left at the end of the day I jumped on the Windtrainer again. Yes, I made it through the week, but only just.

Here is a Strava link to the session.


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