Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 5]: Rain, Rain, Go Away

This week let’s say the weather definitely wasn’t on my side, during the beginning of the week the sun was out and shining and then in one day there is flooding, constant rain and thunderstorms.

Luckily the flooding hasn’t reached any houses like Auckland but if the rain continues I wouldn’t be so sure. I had to do a couple of my bike rides indoors which is never my favourite as you are sitting in the same spot with nothing to look at or focus on, other than your heart rate levels.

I managed to squeeze in my long run with little amounts of rain so I was happy with that, but I could see the farm and paddocks beginning to flood in some areas.

On Sunday I was hoping the rain would magically stop and the wind and lighting would too but to my surprise it didn’t (see the photo above of the overflowing river by our main bridge) and I had to complete my 2 hour bike ride inside, this was my first time doing this amount of time on the bike inside, my longest before this was only an hour so this was quite a step up, although it wasn’t Amazing it wasn’t as bad as I thought and so much better than if I was outside on the wet slippery roads. Sometimes things don’t go out way but it all seems to work out if not for the better.

– Jessica

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