Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 10]: Planning 😃

This week my time management skills have really been tested, I had a lot of extra activities this week making it difficult to fit in all my trainings planned, I managed to complete all my trainings during the week but did have to make some adjustments to fit it in with my schedule.

For my school Physical Education (PE) class we are actually training for triathlons which I think is quite funny not that the training that others in my class are doing would help with my trainings, sometimes when I am lacking in time to train out of school I will fit it into my school time, this is pretty helpful as it gets it out of the way, just sometimes the heat during the day is a bit much for me.

Most the people in my class are just trying to pass, so most the time I’m either in the pool or running to help them improve their fitness and comfort in the pool and running. It’s not something I was expecting to do but I am enjoying it and love seeing others give it ago despite their constant hate against how hard it is.

Going into the future I might start to plan out my week to help me schedule in my training times to my other commitments I have. Looking forward to going into my final few weeks of training before my big race at the end of this month.

– Jessica Bray

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