Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 13]: Improved Fitness and Improved Confidence

This week didn’t have too much excitement in it as it had in the last few. But something that did catch my mind was my fitness. During my swimming this week we did some longer and stronger sets like 400m repeats.

Going into them I was a little sceptical as my swimming hasn’t been as good as I had wanted it these past weeks. But once I got into it I felt strong and it felt easy to swim. I would finish a set with no worries going into the next, this really helped my confidence as it shows that I have been improving especially on my base fitness which is key so I can start building on some speed.

Now that my triathlon season has finished my next focus is towards the school cross countries and improving my times and placing throughout the events I attend. I won’t be stopping my other trainings but more so focusing on my running strength. I’m looking forward to this cross country season as it’s my first that I have really gone into with some training and confidence in my ability. Which is all thanks to Ray! 

– Jessica Bray

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