Jess Bray

Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 15] – Appetite For Training

This week I didn’t have to much happen it was just a pretty standard week, but after having almost a week of less training last week I was quite shocked to see how much my appetite could change.

Without doing as much exercise last week like my running and biking, I definitely didn’t eat as much as I normally would which would seem weird as I could usually eat a whole meal and still eat more if I wanted but when I wasn’t training as much I would either struggle or not finish my food.

But my appetite quickly came back once my training started to increase again. This isn’t much of a big deal but I was interesting to see and feel how much different I felt while going through a short stage of less training. 

– Jessica Bray

[Jessica has down played her achievements this week, she swam a 1,500m Time Trial and has improved by 1:36 since her last 1,500m Time Trial back in October!!! – Coach Ray]

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