Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 19] – Change In Focus

This week I had both my Thames valley Cross Country and Waikato Swimming Schools Championships.

When I used to do full time competitive swimming these swim meets used to mean a lot to me and I used to put a lot of pressure on myself to do well.

I have now not been fully swimming for the last season and I have noticed a lot of changes in a lot of things. I am now doing a even mix between biking running and swimming so different muscles and movements are used.

My strengths and weaknesses have changed and my goals have shifted.

When I went to the Waikato swim meet I didn’t have any pressure on myself to do well as I knew that this isn’t what my goals are focused on and what I train towards.

I was slightly put down with the massive difference the way I felt in the water while competing but had to keep reassuring myself that this isn’t what I am training for anymore and for what I do I am still competing well.

When it came to how I felt when doing the cross country it felt natural and easier. When I was fully swimming it was the opposite and I used to feel worse when running.

Another thing I have noticed is my recovery time, after going for runs, bikes and swims I would feel way more fatigue and tired for a longer period of times and was more prone to sore muscles and joints, after doing consistent training I recover way faster and sometimes don’t even feel affected by doing exercise. 

– Jessica Bray

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