Mikes Middle Distance Magic: Not everything goes to plan!

This week has been a bit hit and miss.  I suppose every week is as an age group triathlete. Unfortunately we do this sport as a hobby, not as an income, so sometimes things just happen!

Well that’s where I’m up to this week. The “home based” sessions are going great.  I am really seeing improvements in my bike and run, especially on the bike as I’m finding it far easier to maintain a cadence above 90 now.  When Ray first prescribed this to me, I would either struggle to get my cadence high enough and would quickly revert back to a high 70’s “slog” or I would feel as though I was literally bouncing off the bike trying to keep the cadence high, not feeling comfortable or efficient at all!

Well I’ve done four weeks concentrating high cadence and keeping power in Zone 2 and I finally feel it’s coming together now! It definitely feels more natural. I didn’t really think too much about it until Ray asked how I was finding it yesterday. Then I got thinking is it positively affecting my run too?

 So it got me thinking about my running and how it could possibly affect it by increasing my cadence on the bike. And in terms of feel I’m feeling pretty good.  My long runs are still around the 2 hour mark and are going great. My brick runs are also going well. Now I know I’ll feel more when I start upping the pace and doing some bigger bricks leading into the triathlon season, but it’s going great so far!

 Now back to the start of this blog.  My swim hasn’t and won’t be completed this week. Unfortunately things happen and the fact my windscreen smashed on Wednesday and is now only getting replaced Monday means I have no car to be able to get to the pool.

 Looking forward, however, I’ve got some pretty key sessions coming up this weekend. Tonight is the calm before the storm with an hour in Zone 2 on the turbo.  Tomorrow is the long ride and then Sunday is a 5km time trial. I am really looking forward to this and hoping I can put in a good run, so long as the “big freeze” we are experiencing disappears and I can run without looking like Bambi on ice!

 Next week’s blog is going to be a really positive one and I’m looking forward to writing it. A 5k TT, FTP test and my long sessions completed and green! Bring it on, happy training everyone and have a good week training.


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