Lisa’s Journey, Weeks 62/63: Subtle Motivation…

Alot of not much has been going on the last couple of weeks…Well I did get the hubby home briefly, travelled away for our boys last game of rugby – which I felt I did actually exercise at, (even if it was only my vocal cords)!

This weekend I was away with my girl for netball. Two tournaments to play on Saturday/Sunday… both of which were cancelled – weather! Only trouble with having to travel out of town for sport, you just never know, turns out Sunday was fine and it could’ve gone ahead, so as not to feel we wasted a trip, we played our own wee round robin. Parents were only allowed to do walking netball… this is so unnatural. Having played netball throughout school – its really hard not to jump or run!!!

Did a couple of spin bikes this week. And went on a leisurely bike with a friend. It was a beautiful day. Neither of us could actually be bothered. But were both glad we did!!

I decided to do a cleanse day to see if that will help kick start me some how… all I know is not eating is hard!! But its not even the ‘not eating’ its the habitual habits, and pulling yourself up on them.

I caught up with a friend on the phone the other day, and she was asking how the running was going. Sadly I had to come clean, saying I was about as fast these days, as a turtle stampeding through peanut butter… She’s a bit of a cartoonist, so next arrives in the mail a funny card representing me… (except I’m winning… I must’ve been lapped).


…Oh and a note to saying she’s entered me along with herself in the, ‘The Walking Star’s‘ event in November… nothing like subtle motivation. Can’t say I’ve walked 21kms in a consecutive day, but I guess there’s always a first!! And, keep telling myself you’re walking for a very worthy cause!! They have the power walkers begin first, then the striders and lastly the strollers, so I’m hoping with the amount of talking that will be taking place, she’s got us in the ‘stroller’ section.

Lisa x

In 2018 Lisa accepted a challenge of getting off the couch to doing a 10km! Since then she’s agreed to continue writing, sharing the up and downs of training, injuries and life in general. And hopes that even that even if one person can relate to her story, and to get out there, and set some of their own challenges however big or small, then this has all been worth it!

Check in 27th August for her next article.

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