ULTRAHUMPS: Challenge # 1 – Jacobs Ladder 7 Peaks Challenge Of 200,000 Steps Done!

Hi Blog Followers – Job Done! Challenge # 1 was a challenge of climbing the 7 Highest Peaks of the Desert using the Gym Jacobs Ladder, 194,914 feet or steps with built in resistance, but hey, why not round it up to 200,000 Steps.

Jacobs Ladder – 200,000 Steps, Job Done!

The Jacobs Ladder turned into being a beast, it had it’s own resistance as one would find out, and it didn’t take long to gain a love hate relationship with the thing. I would rock up in the morning, lay my towel and hydration bottle out, strap the safety belt around my waist which was more a means to release the handbrake type contraption, then look at the steps. The first thing that goes through my mind is “just do it”. I should have been a pin up for Nike. Once I got started, I would simply count the steps to myself and then glance at the counter every 100 steps to make sure it was on target or my memory was on target lol. Once I reached a 1,000 steps I’d take a short break, remove my Off-Limits Running Cap, wipe the sweat back, use the towel to do the same on my hands and face, then have a drink. It would be like a ritual. Once I hit 5,000 steps which would be about an hour, that was me for the day, job done!

Jacobs Ladder 7 Peaks Challenge Finishers T-Shirt.

I didn’t hit the Jacobs Ladder every day as I have three other Challenges on the go, plus it would do my head in. But once I returned from Leave I smashed Jacobs Ladder almost everyday, simply to not only get the free Finishers T-Shirt, but also to feel that sense of finishing accomplishment. Unfortunately my T-Shirt size wasn’t available (argh!), so once I finish Challenge # 2, I’ll hopefully be able to uplift both T-Shirts at the same time. Of course it was 194,914 Steps, when I checked my register and realised I only had 400+ to go, I wasn’t going to just do that in one session, so kept going on my last session to round up to 200,000 Steps. I can see Coach Ray would be smiling, and also rolling his eye back thinking “Stubborn Git”.

1000 Km Challenge Finishers T-Shirt
12 Week Challenge

So now to focus on my other three Challenges: (Challenge # 2) Covering 1,000 Km of running or walking over the six months I am in this location, of which I have 200 Km’s to go on that bad boy, to get the free T-Shirt. (Challenge # 3) The 12 Week Body For Life Challenge, which I have over 10 weeks to go. (Challenge # 4) Covering the distance from my location as a Team effort back to NZ, of which we are about 25% of the way their.

Stay tuned team as I keep you updated. Regards John Humphries (Aka Humps, Aka UltraHumps)!

Humps will be writing weekly as he continues his journey raising funds for Charitable causes.

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