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Thursday Training Plan – WUU2K 62km ULTRAMARATHON Training Plan (Advanced 12 week Plan – Start 23 Apr 18)

The Wellington Urban Ultra 2k (WUU2K) is a trail running event around the hills of the capital. The 2k refers to the altitude gain over the 43km version…..notch that up a bit closer to 3k for the 62km edition!!! Designed…

Thursday Training Plan: Spring Challenge Westport

The Spring Challenge is an all women adventure race. Entries have opened today for the 6 hour version, yesterday for the 9 hour version and tomorrow for the 3 hour version. These training plans will assist you and your team…

Thursday Training Plan: 3 Training Plans for 3 Different Half Marathons – Paihia, Auckland Women’s & Whangarei

Achieving a half marathon finish, especially your first one, is pretty special. There are plenty of half marathons coming up around the country. Here are three programmes for three events. Designed for Beginner Runners who are looking to participate in the respective half…

Thursday Training Plan: 24 week BEGINNER Training Plan for the Kaikoura Whale Run

The Kaikoura Whale Run bills itself as ‘the FUN event at Kaikoura for everyone.‘ Having done both the half marathon and 10km (even winning that a few years ago) I can attest to the fact that it is a fun course and…

Thursday Training Plan: 30 Week Abel Tasman Coastal Classic Trail Run Training Plan

Stride into paradise with the Abel Tasman Coastal Classic. Now into it’s 25th year this is truly an iconic beauty and a must run event. Entries open today and this training plan commences on Monday, that will see you getting…

Thursday Training Plan: Auckland Women’s Half Marathon Training Plan (BEGINNER 16 Week Plan – Start 12 Mar 18)

The Auckland Women’s Half Marathon is New Zealand’s first all women half marathon. This training plan will take a beginner female runner and increase their fitness level to enable them to comfortably run complete the event.

Thursday Training Plan: Christchurch MARATHON Training Plan (INTERMEDIATE 12 week Plan – Start 12 Mar 18)

The Christchurch Marathon is one of the fastest marathon’s in New Zealand. This training plan will take an intermediate runner and increase their fitness level to enable them to comfortably run faster than they previously have.

Thursday Training Session: Cycling FTP Power Boost Training Plan (Intermediate 16 week Plan – Start anytime) 3 workouts/week

“Training for excellence, with excellent training.” As you work your way through this training programme you’ll build your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). With regular FTP tests every 4 weeks you’ll be able to measure and see your progress.

Get Fit to Ride the Old Ghost Road

  The Old Ghost Road is an iconic Mountain Biking Trail in New Zealand. The 85km single-track adventure takes the rider through remote valleys, mountain tops and river gorges. It is a Grade 4 (advanced) mountain biking trail and has a…

Thursday Training Plan: 4 Weeks to a Faster 1500m With Only Two 2km Sessions per Week

  As you follow the programme you will find yourself swimming  your 1,500m faster. Now whether that is a PB or not will depend on how fast you have swum in the past, but it will definitely be faster at the end…

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