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Ultra Humps

Ultra Humps

BLOG # 10 – Ironman 2016: Plan Your Race, Race Your Plan

Hi team, Apologies for the delay in this blog as we head towards Ultraman Australia (14-16 May 16). Since my last blog I’ve competed in the Scorching Triathlon and Ironman New Zealand with the latter being a good build up…

Ultra Humps

UtraHumps Blog #9 – Sponsorship from ASA

Well team, it’s the end of February already and time is getting close to the biggest physical and mental challenge of my life – Ultraman Australia.  This week my training has continued under the watchful guidance from my Coach – Ray…

Ultra Humps

UltraHumps Blog #8: Humps’ Most Inspirational Songs

Hi UltraHumps followers. Time is near for the first major test for Ultraman Australia being Ironman NZ in a couple of weeks. As I write my Blog, I am thinking of two fellow Qwik Kiwi colleagues who are covering the…

Ultra Humps

BLOG # 7 – “WHY?” UltraHumps Journey To UltraMan Australia

I realised this weekend is Valentines weekend, which is 3 weeks away from when I compete in my 6th Ironman with five having been Ironman New Zealand and one being Ironman Australia.  Not bad for someone who couldn’t even really…

Ultra Humps

UltraHumps: BLOG #6 – Inspiration Comes In Many Forms From Many Locations

Well team, we’re getting closer to the greatest endurance test of my life of about 515 kms of swimming, cycling and running over 3 days with time cut-offs along the way in the Queensland heat.  The inspiration I receive with the ‘likes’…

Ultra Humps

Blog #5: Scorching 100th Event Half Ironman Versus Injury Coupled with Wellington’s Splash & Dash

For this weeks Blog I had the opportunity to reflect on the injury I caused to my left calf in training on Boxing Day towards the end of a 15 Km run and with thoughts of the re-strain two weeks ago…

Ultra Humps

UltraHumps Blog #4 – Beating the Injury Through Pain and Suffering

As reported in my most recent couple of Blogs, I picked up a niggling calf strain or slight tear, so this weeks training coupled with physio has been different than it normally is. Physio on Monday was fun with Nikki…

Ultra Humps


As I pondered what to write for this weeks Blog to Ray for Qwik Kiwi, I glanced at my watch and realised today (15 Jan 16) is four months away from Day 2 for the biggest endurance test of my…

Ultra Humps


Once Ray had taken me on as a Client in the later part of 2014, the ultimate goal was to compete in an Ultraman – Ultraman Australia 2016 and to also consider it as an opportunity to fund-raise. Ray carefully planned…

Client Stories Ultra Humps

Ultra Humps – The Big Hairy Arse Goal (BHAG)

Previous articles have advised why I chose Ray Boardman as the Coach I wanted.  A Coach to help me achieve my dreams and achieve my personal tests physically, which would also test my mental fortitude to the extreme.  So briefly for the newcomers to…

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