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Life in The Peloton: Tour of Southland Stage One Interview with Ayden Toovey

A friend of Qwik Kiwi, Ayden Toovey is riding in the Tour of Southland again having ridden in the event previously as an U19 in 2012. We will be publishing a daily interview with Ayden after each stage to give you an insight into ‘Life in the Peloton‘.


QK: The Tineli team had a good day today picking up a couple of jerseys with yourself wearing the U23 jersey (as well as taking the stage win) and Sam Cox picking up the most combative jersey. Talk us through the team success of today’s stage.

AT: Quite a successful start to the tour for the team, with 2 riders (Liam Magennis and Sam Cox) making the break of the day collecting points along the way! Then the wind picked up towards the last 80km and split the peloton to bits, with myself making the front group then managing to win.

QK: It’s early days yet, but with yourself sitting only 4 seconds back on GC, as well as holding the U23 jersey, where do you see your team strengths in defending the U23 or positioning yourself to be able to take the yellow jersey at some point, or do you see both these options working in unison?

AT: I’m looking forward to the next few days to see if I can get a few seconds here and there. I think Coronet Peak will be the biggest challenge and I’m looking forward to the challenge!

Tour of SouthlandQK: Can you introduce us to the other Tineli Team members, their strengths and limitations?


Liam Magennis- time trialist, strong all round.
Sam Cox- all round strong man.
Brendan Cole- climber
Glen Mathiske- all round strong man
Beau Harper – all round strong man

QK: Tomorrow’s stage with Blackmont in the middle, is often a tester for the climbers but doesn’t destroy the peloton the same way that the Crown Range does. How do you envisage this stage unfolding?

AT: Yeah tomorrow’s stage looks like it’ll be a bit of a test with Blackmount toward the finish. I think the race will split up significantly on the climb and then I will use full gas to the finish. I hope both the team and I can make it with the front group and hopefully factor in the finale!

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