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Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Over/Unders

This is a great workout for developing threshold fitness and making you faster. This is ideal for roadies for a breakaway or in the chase.  It is also great for triathletes right up to Ironman distance and also for mountain…

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Chris Carmichael’s HillSprints™

With the Tour of Southland currently in progress and today’s stage including the Crown Range which is a decisive place that can determine the outcome of the tour and yesterday’s stage going over Blackmount on the way to Te Anau this…

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Ladder Variation

This is a great windtrainer workout for developing your ability to tolerate high intensity cycling, such as establishing a breakaway in a cycle race or mountain bike race, or maybe surviving when someone else attacks.

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: FTP Test

This session is great for developing your threshold cycling pace. This will benefit you particularly if you are a triathlete, time trialist or someone who likes to try and ride with the breakaway, as well as further developing your top…

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