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Beginner Training Triathlon Training

Training for your First Triathlon Step 4: Getting Started

Step 3 (read it here) covers the other equipment that can assist you with your racing and training. This post will look at actually getting started with your training. The Nike slogan ‘Just Do It‘ really hits the nail on the head…

T-Times for Swimming

T-Time for Swimming Your T-Time is a method for determining how much rest you get for a repetition of swimming. It is based on your general fitness and ability to swim a repeated 100m effort. It is not based on…

Welcome to Qwik Kiwi

Run Workouts for Qwik Kiwi Tribe Programmes

Welcome to the Qwik Kiwi tribe for you respective event. Here is where you will find descriptions of the run workouts you will find within your training programme. Run – Easy This session is conducted at an easy Level I-II…

Client Stories

Christchurch Marathon and Half Marathon

Gerard is training hard as he prepares for the World 70.3 Triathlon Championships, this involves swimming 1900m then cycling 90km prior to finishing with a half marathon. As part of his goal setting for the world champs he set a…

Welcome to Qwik Kiwi

Welcome to Qwik Kiwi: Measuring Intensity

For those that are using either power for cycling, pace for running, or heart rate. Your training zones can be found within Training Peaks. If you click on your name in the top right and select ‘Account Settings’ a new…

Welcome to Qwik Kiwi

Welcome to Qwik Kiwi: Training Peaks

Training Peaks is the software/app that we use to deliver your training to you. By now you should have received the log in information from your coach. If you previously had a Training Peaks account you should have received from…

Welcome to Qwik Kiwi

Welcome to Qwik Kiwi: Communciation

Like any good relationship the coach:athlete relationship requires communication that goes both ways. It is important that you communicate with your coach. They will touch base with you when they need to, but to ensure that you get the best…

Welcome to Qwik Kiwi

Welcome to Qwik Kiwi: Welcome

Welcome to Team Qwik Kiwi. We have no doubt that you will enjoy the training and the results that you will get training with Qwik Kiwi. Qwik Kiwi has a long history and has helped hundreds of athletes achieve their…

Client Stories Marathon & Half Marathon's

The High Five-0 Challenge for Mental Health

I first met Mal Law 4 or so years ago at a running event and was introduced by a mutual friend. To be in the company of one of New Zealand’s top adventure runners was awe inspiring to say the least, but…

Client Stories Ironman Training Triathlon Training

From Timor to Tauranga

I was posted to Timor-Leste with the NZ Army and had completed three Ironman events where I completely self-coached with no idea what I was doing and finishing results that said as much.  Two of these events I had trained…

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