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Clatters Chatter: A New Approach On Training

‘Beep, Beep’. The alarm goes at 4:30am. “time to hit the pool” my mind excitedly rings. After 2 hours of intense swimming, I head 20km to school on my bike. Never a break, no rest as this is what the pro’s do. “I want to be the best!” I was so dedicated and wanting to make it pro, I forgot about my body and my Hauroa and was slowly wasting away. My body was crying for help inside, but I never listened. After having multiple coaches and never listening, I decided I needed someone who can help my parents and myself monitor me. This is when I met Coach Ray.

Lisa’s Journey, Week 20: In Sickness and In Health…

What a week!  Luckily I went for eight whole minutes and 33 seconds longer on my midweek bike ride, because I’ve done sweet f.a. since. I had a sick kid come home from school camp, and just when it looked…

Lisa’s Journey Week 4: I’m on the road again… (you can sing it if you like)!!!

Only a week on from my last blog (I’m suppose to have it into Ray on Friday’s, whoops it’s Monday), but I am making progress!! I’ve broken through the “I can’t run on the road” mental barrier this week.  My…

Thursday Training Plan: 10k RUNNING Training Plan (BEGINNER 8 week Plan – Start Anytime Reusable)

With the 10km running races getting more and more popular, I’ve got a training plan for beginner runners wanting to complete a 10km running race.  This training plan can start anytime and be reused whenever you want.

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: I Get Over One Thing Then Get Struck Down With Another!!!

Last week I slowly started getting back into training after my mountain bike crash, and so that was my plan to continue that through this week. I was up in Auckland for a week of professional development and with traffic considerations I…

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